Organic Love Designs

hand crafted one of a kind wearable art

Welcome to Organic Love Designs online! While we do have a few choice items for sale in our web store, we offer you a full selection of handmade jewelry available every day at the Pike Place Market.  Please use the links above to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot & Instagram.

Organic Love Designs is the one of a kind work of local Seattle artist Angela Parriott.  For the last thirteen years she has had the amazing outlet of Pike Place Market for her work.  Ranging from different precious metals to tiny local stones, she is always coming up with the freshest designs in her jewelry. Mostly inspired by her surroundings, she collects beach stones here in Washington state, a stunning view of nature polished and man polished together.

  Angela has also designed a line of  fine silver pendants replicating plants native to the Pacific Northwest.  Each piece she sculpts by hand so no two are ever alike.  Another focus of her latest line is mantra pendants, this is her way to bring more personal joy to each wearer!  Other inspirations for her designs come from daily ideas that come about just by absorbing what she surrounds herself in.  Each piece is made using sterling silver and 14k gold fill.

  Her latest jewelry line consists of mixed metals, raw diamonds, cubic zirconia's and beach stones.   She starts with the materials then using her own designs, she crafts them to create some really unique pieces!  Each piece has free style work to it so again, no two are alike.  Her pieces are designed to look good on anyone so everyone can rock Organic Love Designs!  They are made to be worn and loved!